Song Of India

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Origin: Madagascar and other islands in the Indian Ocean

Height: To 3 ft (90 cm)

Light: Bright indirect sunlight.

Water: Keep soil lightly moist spring through fall, slightly drier in winter. Do not let soil get waterlogged.

Humidity: Average room humidity.

Temperature: Normal room temps (65-75°F/18-24°C) will suit this plant.

Soil: Good-quality, all-purpose potting mix.

Fertilizer: Feed every 2 weeks in spring and summer with a 10-10-10 liquid fertilizer diluted by half.

Propagation: Take 3-4 inch (8-10 cm) stem tip cuttings in spring. Pot 3 in the same container for a fuller effect. Cuttings are easy to root in moist sterile potting mix.

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